Better Photography July 2020 - Single Issue

Here's everything in the issue we think will catch your eye, apart from our regular content:
- Six photographs share their experiences on chronicling the lesser-known realities that exist within our society.
- Mahesh Bhat writes about the Unsung series, which celebrates ordinary people and their extraordinary lives.
- George Kamelakis's somber and elegant imagery.
- The documentary work of Gertrude Käsebier, one of the most successful female portraitists of her time.
- A showcase of the winning images from HIPA 2019-20, which includes photographers from India too.
- The unveiling of the best images from the Better Photography Weekly Challenge from the themes Abstract and Framed Through Doors and Windows.
- Review of the Sigma 45mm f/2.8 DG DN Contemporary, a beautifully designed prime lens perfect for smaller cameras.

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Better Photography has been the leading photography magazine in India for over two decades now. With a primary audience that includes serious enthusiasts and amateurs, the magazine covers a wide variety of content from techniques and equipment reviews and interviews. BP, as it is often affectionately called, is a hobbyist magazine whose priority is education in the art and science of photography. Photography is as much about the traditional, as it is about the contemporary. So there are regular features on Great Masters like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Kishor Parekh, Ansel Adams, Homai Vyarawalla, David Alan Harvey, S Paul and Steve McCurry, and at the same time, we also have Better Cellphone Photography, which is possible the world’s first print magazine dedicated to inspiring cameraphone pictures. Photography is going through a very exciting phase at the moment, and Better Photography will be your window to the magic and madness that is photography.